Cultural Background

This historical place of interest is also known for its cultural heritage and educational activities from the ancient past. Many eminent Personalities, Educationist, Dramatist, Historian, Writers and Poets etc. were born and brought up here and sphere of there activities was throughout India. Same of the names are as follows:-
1. Manabandra Nath Roy (Founder of Redical Party)
2. Krishna Mishra (Sanskrit Dramatist)
3. Kalidas Mishra (Sanskrit Dramatist)
4. Kamalakanta Bidyalankar (Naiyaik)
5. Krishna Jiban Bidyalankar (Naiyaik)
6. Pandit Ramnath ( Nyay bachaspati)
7. Hari Charan Bandhyapadhyay (writer of Bengali Dictionary)
8. Nikhil Nath Roy (Historian)
9. Jatindra Nath Mukhopadhyay (Poet)
10. Aghar Nath Bose (Poet)
11. Ram Bose (Poet)
12. Sankari Prasad Bandhyapadhy (Ex. Vice Chancellor, Burdawn University).
13. Keshab Bose (Ex. Speaker, West Bengal State Legislative Assembly )
14. Janki Nath Bose ( An eminent publisher)
15. Dr. Susil Kumar Nag Chowdhury (ENT Specialist)
16. Abdul Gafar Siddiqui (Writer)
17. Titumeer (Freedom Fighter) etc.
All the above provided information is published by the Municipality in their books, “Baduriar Sekal Ekal”-documents of the ancient history of Baduria.
The socio-cultural activities of this region are closely interlinked with traditional way and norms. That’s why a community hall was established at the premises of the Municipality for performing various cultural and social activities.